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  • Changsha Modern Wanguofu ΜΟΜΛ

    The first technology housing with thermostats and fresh oxygen in Hunan Province
    Project Address: No. 199, West Fu Yuan Road, eastern Kaifu District Government of Changsha City
    Tel: 0731-88336777

    Hefei Modern ΜΟΜΛ

    The only science mansion in Anhui Province, which has constant Oxygen • Thermostat • Humidity • Constant Static
    Project Address: Junction between Huaining Road and Xiuning Road of Chief District (Near Kuanghe riverbank)
    Tel: 0551-63527777

    Changsha ΜΟΜΛ Square

    The unique urban science complex in Xingsha
    Project Address: Junction between Kaiyuan Road and Huang Xing Road
    Tel: 8860-7777

    Changsha Binjiang ΜΟΜΛ

    The only green science housing in Changsha Binjiang area
    Project Address: Junction between Han Guang Road and Guansha Ling Road in Yuelu District
    Tel: 0731-88272777

    Wuhan Guanggu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ

    The only warm in winter and cool in summer science energy-saving livable community in Wuhan
    Project Address: 500 meters East Olympic Statium Center on the second Gaoxin Road
    Tel: 027-81327777

    Beijing Modern ΜΟΜΛ

    One of top ten architectural wonders in the world, national gate landmarks in Beijing
    Project Address: No. 1, Xiangheyuan Road, Dongzhimen, East Second Ring
    Tel: 010-64656666

    Beijing Wanguocheng ΜΟΜΛ

    Pioneer work of series of MOMΛ products, is the pioneer and benchmark for Chinese green building
    Project Address: No. 1, Xiangheyuan Road of Dongzhimen, East Second Rin

    Beijing- Wanwanshu ΜΟΜΛ

    The architectural concept of "detached courtyard under big trees "
    Project Address: 500 meters West to Huosi Road of Six Ring of Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District

    Beijing- Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ

    Demonstration project on outstanding building energy saving in Beijing
    Project Address: No. 1, West Anningzhuang Road, Haidian District