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  • Ludian earthquake donations

    Li Ying, deputy director of Finance center of Modernland, handed over love money to the China Charity Federation, a total of 118,505.23 yuan, 20th August.

    2015-01-13 16:55:24

    Love's action helps 120 children to realize their dreams

    Assets by the Firstcare service center launched "MOMΛ family public action --120 children wish"on August 15 , raising a total of 16,348.7 yuan, of which the owners ΜΟΜΛ donations 7290.2 yuan, 7962 yuan donation internal staff, community donations 1000 yuan . Contributions 12,000 yuan for custom uniforms for 120 children, buy stationery section 4252.2 yuan, all from internal staff. It also received more than 1,000 pieces of clothing, are all directed to donate to the river after Phoebe Pingxiang County, Guizhou Province, finished primary school.

    2015-01-13 16:53:48

    MOMΛ sending warmth with Xinhua Blue Public welfare

    November 27, Xinhua Blue Public welfare went into Xianning City JiangQiao Elementary School , sent by the donation of clothing, stationery, etc., Guanggu ManTingchun MOMΛ full assistance.

    2015-01-13 16:45:41