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  • Company Name
    Modern Land (China) Co.,Limited.

    Principal Place of Business and 

    Headquarters in China

    No.1, Xiangheyuan Road

    Dongcheng District


    PRC 100028

    Registered Office

    Hutchins Drive, Cricket Square

    P.O. Box 2804

    Grand Cayman KY1-1111

    Cayman Islands

    Company Website
    Place of Business in Hong Kong
    Suites 805-6, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Company Secretary
    Mr. Lam Tsz Kin
    Authorized Representative
    Mr. Zhang Peng and Mr. Lam Tsz Kin
    Audit Committee

    Mr. Hui Chun Ho, Eric (Chairman), Mr. Cui Jian,Mr. Qin Youguo and Mr. Zhong Bin

    Remuneration Committee
    Mr. Qin Youguo (Chairman), Mr. Cui Jian and Mr. Zhang Lei
    Nomination  Committee
    Mr. Cui Jian (Chairman), Mr. Hui Chun Ho, Eric,Mr. Zhang Lei and Mr. Zhong Bin

    Principal Share Registrar and

    Transfer Office in the Cayman  Islands

    Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Cayman) Limited

    Securities Registrar in Hong Kong
    Tricor Investor Services Limited
    Principal Bankers

    Bank of China/ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China/ 

    China Merchants Bank/ Hang Seng Bank/ Bank of East Asia